Your first time nude in public

Assuming you are not someone who grew up nude and finds nudity completely normal and unremarkable, the first time you are nude in public can be an unexpected experience. Women are often worried that they will be stared at and objectified, and men are just as often worried that they will get aroused and embarrass both themselves and those around them.

But the reality is almost always nothing like you expect. Nude is natural, and the vast majority of people find it to be exactly that. Nude beaches, along with the vast majority of landed clubs, are a completely non-sexual experience. Most men soon find that they do not get aroused, and most women feel comfortable and not in the least bit threatened by anyone around them.

But the strangest thing that no-one expects is how quickly they get used to it, how quickly you forget that you have no clothes on and just start doing the things you would be doing anyway.  Sunbathing, gardening, sport… it all just happens, and then when you start to get your stuff together to pack it in for the day you spot a pile of clothes on the floor and suddenly remember they are yours.

Nudity is normal, and it is only when you start to think too much about it that you feel uncomfortable.  Last summer something happened which really highlighted that to me when a friend of mine came round to stay for a few days.  When it was time to go to bed we both did what we had to, and went our respective ways.  It was only the following morning when we thought back to the evening that we realised that we had both got undressed in the same room, and had been nude around each other for some time before going to our separate beds.  We hadn’t even realised at the time.

All I can say is to tell you to go try it.  Find a beach or a lake, whatever works in your area, and spend the day there nude.  Take a friend, take a book, take whatever you want, but be relaxed and enjoy it.  You won’t look back.

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