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Sunny Mornings

09 Jun 2021 - by Graham

It's not often that I get a change to get naked in the garden. The shape of the land around here means that pretty much everyone gets to look straight down onto what I'm doing so I restrict my naked outdoor time to when I know there are few people around. Not that I have any doubt that the neighbours have all seen me naked anyway as I rarely close the curtains and have forgotten to get dressed a few times when taking out the recycling, but catching a glimpse by accident is a bit different to me stripping off and sitting down in front of them so I try to limit the opportunities.

But at this time of the year the shrubbery is in full growth, and this means that for a few months there are a couple of spots on the patio that the neighbours would have to be making quite an effort to look, so morning naked patio coffee becomes an option.

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Pee Story

21 May 2021 - by

So.. following on from Zoe's Pee post yesterday, we got talking about our first time really encountering anyone peeing "in the wild" and comparing stories. Hers was pretty standard, but mine made her laugh a lot and she told me I needed to post it. So here it is...

One summer back in the 80s when I was in my late teens and the weather had been hot for weeks, I went to spend the day on Hastings beach with a group of friends. We were a bit of a crazy bunch, and we only really did things together for that one summer as everyone soon began to move away and get involved in the rest of their lives. Remember that this was in the 80's before social media or mobile phones, so if someone moved away you pretty much lost track of them. But for that summer we were all pretty close and we went to parks, on walks, and on occasional trips to the beach, and generally "got up to stuff".

We had been there for a few hours, and some of us were swimming, a small group was trying unsuccessfully to get a barbecue to light (are BBQs even allowed on that beach?), and some were just sitting around enjoying the sun. It was a very free-form day, and about the only thing we all had in common was that we were all in swimwear. It was far too hot for anything else.

I had made myself a place to sit in the pebbles and had been trying to read a book, when Helen came over to talk. Helen was a fit freckly redhead (just my type), and was wearing a bikini that looked as though it might be a couple of sizes too small. For a while I'd been hopeful that we might get together at some point, but my teenage incompetence and a natural assumption that I stood no chance with her at all had meant that I never got further than talking and hanging out a bit. Anyway, here she was in all her tiny-bikini glory and so obviously I hurried to make a space for her to sit down on my towel next to me. But before I’d finished making room she knelt down and sat astride my legs, pinning me in place on the beach.

We sat like that for quite a while, talking about random stuff whilst I concentrated on what she was saying rather than what I might be able to feel with my legs if I was to pay attention. Speedos don't hide much, and I had no idea how she would react if I ... reacted... so I concentrated on the conversation, on the seagulls, on that boat on the horizon... basically anything else but the feel of her on my legs.

We had been chatting for a while and she was telling me about something one of our other friends had been doing when she she stopped and said “I really need to pee.” There was a pause whilst I waited to see what she was going to do about that, then she went back to what she had been saying a few moments earlier.

A few more minutes passed and she repeated “I really do need to pee”. 

"I'm not stopping you," I said, expecting her to get up and go into the sea to pee there which was what we all did, but she started talking again and distracted herself. Finally a few minutes later she said “Look, I really do need to pee,” and gave me a glare which seemed to say ’this is your fault’.

“I’m really not stopping you,” I said. "Go for it." I expected her to get up and head to the water, but instead, and with a slight smile, she shifted position ever so slightly and peed all over my legs.

She wasn’t wrong. Helen had really needed to pee. That girl had a huge bladder and the pee went everywhere, soaking into my swimming trunks and towel, covering my legs from top to toe, and splashing onto the pebbles beneath us. It was a minor river of pale yellow warmish liquid that went everywhere… and then as suddenly as it has started it was over. With a slight shrug and an “Oops…” she settled down again.

I have no idea what reaction she had been expecting from me, but all I could do was sit there in surprise. But far more important to me than the surprise that she’d done it in the first place was the surprise that I’d really enjoyed it.

We sat there for a moment without saying anything, and then I realised that I needed to pee too. So with just a tiny shift of position to get the plumbing lined up, I did.

Apparently my bladder was nowhere near as full as hers had been, but there was plenty in there for my stream to reach her legs. We watched as it pooled between us, trickling over my leg and running down her thigh in a satisfying golden rivulet before dripping down onto the pebbles below with a splash, and slowly soaking away. She smiled mischievously at me for a moment, then got up, grabbed a nearby frisbee and chucked it at me.

We spent the next few hours on the beach throwing the frisbee, helping the others fail to light the barbecue, and doing all the things that people do on the beach, all the while covered in each others pee. None of our friends noticed that we started off a bit wet despite not having been near the sea and nobody asked what we’d been doing, so as far as I know it remained our secret. I wanted to ask her if this was something she did a lot or if I had been her first - or only - pee partner, but there was always someone else around and I never got the chance. And then a few weeks later she moved away to university and I never saw her again. So I never got to find out if she made a habit of peeing on people or if I was just a one off.

But that event shaped my attitude to pee for the rest of my life, and is certainly responsible for why I am so relaxed about peeing to this day.

Helen - if you are reading this... thank you! And if you ever want to pee on me again, just let me know!

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To Pee or Not To Pee

20 May 2021 - by Zoe

If there is one thing that seems to get "naturists" all agitated it's any talk about peeing, especially if there are photos to go along with it. I have no idea what their problem with it is as we all do it, it's pretty clean (yes, really), and yet it seems to be one of those great taboos that crosses some kind of line for many people.

I enjoy watching people pee (with consent, obviously!) and love it when people feel chilled and relaxed enough to pee around me without having to hide first. I'm a bathroom door open kind of girl, and if we're talking when I go to pee I'll just carry on talking and assume you'll follow me and do the same. If we are out for a walk and I need to pee then I'll move out sight of anyone not with us, but probably won't make any attempt to hide from anyone I'm with. If I'm on the beach (nude or not) I'l just sit down and get on with it. I won't be obvious about it, but if anyone notices then that's absolutely fine with me.

For me it's not that it's a turn-on or anything sexual. It makes me smile to see someone relaxed enough to pee with me, and I enjoy it when people are relaxed about nudity in general.

As I was writing this I was trying to remember the first time I watched someone else pee or anyone saw me do it, but there was no one event that I can remember. As girls at school we used to go pee together at parties because that was what girls did, and probably still do. But I don't remember watching anyone pee then, just that we were all in the same room. I do remember going on hikes with friends and peeing in the woods whilst still talking to people, so I guess that would have been the first real time I peed in front of anyone who was actually watching, and I definitely remember seeing Cathryn pee a few times when we helped each other out with pads and things at period time.

It was never a big deal with us, and that has stayed with me. So chill out about your peeing and just go with the flow. It's fun!

Edit: I was just asked if I had ever been peed on or peed on anyone else, and the answer is yes but not back then. But that's another story!

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Some people don't even notice!

16 May 2021 - by Graham

A few years ago I was over at a female friend's house (Jo) on the way to some work event. We had been chatting for a while when I realised that if we were going to get where we were going anything like on time I had better think about getting changed, so I picked up my stuff and wandered into the spare room to sort myself out. I remember that I got distracted by something (can't remember what though - probably a message on my phone) so it took me a few minutes to get started, but eventually I stripped out of my daytime clothes and started to sort out what I would be wearing for the evening.

Of course it was that exact moment that Jo wandered in with a cup of coffee to carry on the conversation we'd been having earlier and sat down on the edge of the bed to talk... and obviously I was naked.

I wasn't sure how to play this, but since she seemed completely unbothered by the situation I just went with it and kind of forgot about getting dressed. So there was I - naked - talking to Jo - clothed - for maybe five minutes. The conversation ended, so she stood up and left, but whilst I was still wondering what just happened she reappeared, looked at me, and said "You actually *were* naked... right... I thought I'd imagined that!"

It tuns out that she hadn't really been paying attention and had not registered my lack of clothes the first time, but that it had sort of dawned on her as she left the room and she had to come back to check! Of course this time she stayed, and waited for me to finish getting dressed because... well at that point why not?

We saw each other naked a lot after that, but despite what people might think when reading this we were never together. We were just friends who were comfortable naked around each other. And that is how it should be.

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We've been a bit quiet...

07 Dec 2017 - by Graham

Wow... was it really August the last time I posted on here? This year has definitely been a busy one, but I didn't think that I'd abandoned this website for that long. Sorry, folks. On the plus side, I have collected together a lot of stuff over the last couple of months that will fit on here nicely, from kilts to kinks and beaches to barbecues, so I'll start posting all that very soon.

In the meantime, if there are any stories you'd like to share on here then please email me either using our Contact NINR form or by emailing directly. Please have a look at our Submission Guidelines, especially if you are sending in any photographs.

Where did you get naked during the summer? Was it your first time? Did you introduce someone to social nudity for their first time? Have you tried anything new or found that something was a lot more fun than you expected? We're interested in everything, so drop us a line and tell us your tales.

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Do clubs really believe that nude is normal?

09 Aug 2017 - by Graham

You probably know by now that I teach dance, specifically I teach modern jive and Argentine tango. I also tend to get naked quite a lot (also no surprise), and so obviously something I've been thinking about recently is whether there's a market for combining the two. Naked partner-dance classes or naked dance themed events seem to me like an excellent way to spend an evening, so I started to put together some ideas and contact people about how, when, and where to host such things. But the responses I've been getting have surprised me.

Individuals I have spoken to about this seem to be largely in favour of it. Some dance already and some like the idea of learning to dance. Some have partners that they would like to bring along with them, and some would like to come on their own. In fact the response of generally naked people to the idea of naked dancing has been exactly what I expected, and mirrors the response I get in the clothed world to my traditional classes.

But what really surprised me has been the responses given by naturist and nudist clubs.

Almost universally they dismissed the idea of partner-dancing events as unworkable because "people don't generally arrive as couples", or because "everyone is naked" (uh... really?), or because "no-one wants to get that close to another naked person they don't really know". They gave all sorts of excuses and reasons, but what they all boiled down to is "Dancing with another naked person? That's not something we do."

Okay, so partner-dancing is something that gets you pretty close to the person you are dancing with and there is no doubt that you have to be fairly relaxed about the concept of personal space. But that's true whenever you dance, not just when dancing naked. Depending on the type of dance you are doing you can be anywhere from holding both hands face-to-face or in full-body-contact with your partner, and given that a lot of dancers eschew underwear for aesthetic or comfort reasons there can be very little physically separating you at times. But you both know that this is an illusion of closeness that only lasts for the three and a half minutes of a track, and as soon as it's over you break apart. The dance itself can be sexy, but that's not the same as sexual. It's a game. A suspension of reality. A moment to let go and have a bit of fun. 

So why not do it naked? If naked is normal, what's wrong with dance?

Saying that it's a problem because of the nudity is the sort of attitude I'd expect from people who see nudity as sexual and something that should be kept between partners. But from people who spend their whole lives preaching that nudity is just another outfit and that there is nothing sexual about it at all, what's wrong with dancing? Why is dancing any different to anything else that people do naked together? No, this doesn't make sense. This is saying that there are artificial limits on how close you can get when naked, on what you can do before you cross some sort of line. This is saying that nudity is fine so long as you keep your distance.

So what does this mean about the message that the clubs are promoting? Is the whole idea that "nude is normal" just a sham?

Clubs in general have come under fire a lot in recent years, as much for keeping nudity locked up behind closed doors as they do for their existence. The general public see them as funny and anachronistic, and yet they do nothing to change that opinion as they appear to cater only for the older established membership without doing anything to draw in new blood. More and more people are getting naked on holiday and at home now, and yet club membership is largely static. The fenced-in nature of clubs and all their arbitrary (if originally well-meaning) rules promotes the idea that nudity is strange, that it needs to be hidden away in case anyone sees it. But surely this is the exact opposite of the message we are trying to get across.

Clubs need to embrace the new, and if that means trying something that might make the established membership a little uncomfortable then so be it. For all they know, a naked partner-dancing evening might be just what all the potential new members might be waiting for.

Photo: This was taken from a video of naked Argentine tango and we are probably about as close as it's possible to get on a dance floor. But other forms of dancing are available, and some are a simple hand to hand hold with no body contact at all.

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Nude on the Decking

16 Jun 2017 - by Graham

I live at the bottom of a valley, with houses built all around me at different levels. My back garden slopes up from the rear of the house so the end of the garden is higher than the top of the roof, and this combination of angles means that there is nowhere outside that isn't overlooked, even right next to the house. This isn't a problem for most of the time as the neighbours are fairly non-intrusive and don't do that "peering over the fence" thing that some seem to do, but it does mean that if I want to sit outside in a state of reduced clothing for a while, there hasn't been anywhere for me to do that. Until now.

Because of the steep slope, I had to build a landing outside my shed / office so I can get into it safely, and that is just large enough for a chair and a small table. With the addition of a bit of screening on the top of the steps there is now a small area where the only bits that can be seen if I'm sitting down are all above the waist.

Finally, I can spend a few minutes nude in the garden without panicking the neighbours.

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My First Time at a Naturist Event

15 Jun 2017 - by Holly (guest writer)

Yesterday I attended my first ever naturist event, and I want to share my experience with both my fellow naturists and nudists but also importantly with the textile community here on Twitter.

I visited alone and thinking I would be nervous, I was surprised that I was not, as I drove to the beautiful gardens of High Beeches in West Sussex. I felt calm, content and excited at the same time. It was an event where clothing was not optional so I knew I had to be totally nude!

On arrival there was a sign asking naturists to disrobe in the car park which was useful as I had no idea of the protocol required for such an event. I parked up to see my fellow naturists doing just that so I jumped out of my car and removed my sundress leaving me as nature intended. I wandered over to the kiosk, chatted to the lady and a fellow naturist about the beautiful weather as I paid my entrance fee, and armed with a map headed off to explore the 27 acres of woodland and water gardens.

It was indeed a lovely day and the gardens were spectacularly beautiful. The rhododendrons were in various stages of bloom and the open areas were amass with oxide daisies and wild orchids. The water gardens and pond were a tranquil setting to sit and enjoy the beauty of the place. It's a large gardens and I found myself feeling at ease and contented as I wandered around nude feeling totally at one with nature.

There were a mix of naturists there - some lone males and some couples but I appeared to be the only lone female! They were all very friendly and I chatted to some about naturism and the beautiful setting we were in. It was not odd or scary that I was nude whilst talking to my fellow naturists just totally comfortable and natural!

It was a most enjoyable experience and one that I will definitely do again. I cannot see how anyone, whether naturist or textile, could not enjoy such a freeing and liberating experience.

My message to any non naturists / nudists reading this is please do try it and feel the joy and freedom that being nude in nature brings!


Reproduced with permission. Holly can be found on Twitter as @_Free_To_Be_Me_

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The Worst Thing for Social Nudity

12 Jun 2017 - by Graham

Social nudity and the general cultural acceptance of nakedness has a lot of hurdles to overcome before it will be a part of normal everyday life. The tendency of religion to use shame as a method of control, advertising companies sexualising everything for profit, the media's desire for sensationalism and their inability to print the word NAKED in anything other than all capitals all play a part in this, and there are ways we can help to influence them in the future. But the biggest problem we have with our nudity not being accepted into everyday culture is one of our own making.

We have described ourselves in terms of an -ism.

Naturism and nudism are divisive terms. We use them to say "I am not like you", and then ask people to accept us as part of their routine. We pigeonhole ourselves into what many people see as a cult, lock ourselves away behind fences and on secluded beaches, then when we do finally get around to telling someone we say "I'm a naturist and it's perfectly normal."

Yeah, right. So if it's that 'normal', why do we need an -ist or an -ism to describe ourselves? And why do some of us call ourselves 'naturist' and some 'nudist'? We keep telling people that the words mean the same thing, but then we insist that we are one or the other, and anyway the general public sees them as very different in nature.

For nudity to be generally accepted we need to talk about it - and talk about ourselves - in a new way. We need to distance ourselves from the perception that we are a 'club' or somehow 'different'. Nude is normal, and the people who sexualise it or are afraid of it are the ones that need an -ist word to describe them. We don't need a label because we aren't the ones with a problem. If they want to call us 'nudists' then fine but we should be avoiding labels amongst ourselves wherever possible and not making it easy for everyone else to pigeonhole us.

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Out of Office

19 May 2017 - by Graham

Anyone who works in a reasonably sized company and has ever read their employer's HR handbook will know that it probably contains somewhere a sentence like "employees will dress appropriately at all times". But what is 'appropriate'? For me, it means fitting in with those around you and your location, and if that means going naked then that's just fine.

A few years ago I had the surreal experience of being in a naked project planning meeting. We needed to get together to work out some scheduling issues on a film project I was a part of, and we were looking for somewhere to meet. Claire was organising it, and she was bringing someone else from her side (whose name I can't remember), and when I asked where she wanted us to get together, she said "It's going to be a nice day tomorrow, so why not at that beach you told me about?"

The only beach I'd mentioned to her was Shellness on Sheppey, so double-checking that she hadn't got that wrong and that she knew it was a nude beach, I said that worked fine for me and we picked a time. When I got there, Claire and her colleague were already on the beach and nude, so we said "Hi", I stripped off and got out my notes, and we had the meeting. Looking back on it the whole experience was quite surreal, and I do wonder if any of the other beach users wondered what was going on, but actually it made perfect sense. None of us were office-bound; we were all used to working in coffee shops, parks, and occasional beaches on our own, so why not together? And the naked thing made sense because of the weather.

So there's your challenge. This year, arrange a naked business meeting and tell us how it went.

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