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To Pee or Not To Pee

20 May 2021 - by Zoe

If there is one thing that seems to get "naturists" all agitated it's any talk about peeing, especially if there are photos to go along with it. I have no idea what their problem with it is as we all do it, it's pretty clean (yes, really), and yet it seems to be one of those great taboos that crosses some kind of line for many people.

I enjoy watching people pee (with consent, obviously!) and love it when people feel chilled and relaxed enough to pee around me without having to hide first. I'm a bathroom door open kind of girl, and if we're talking when I go to pee I'll just carry on talking and assume you'll follow me and do the same. If we are out for a walk and I need to pee then I'll move out sight of anyone not with us, but probably won't make any attempt to hide from anyone I'm with. If I'm on the beach (nude or not) I'l just sit down and get on with it. I won't be obvious about it, but if anyone notices then that's absolutely fine with me.

For me it's not that it's a turn-on or anything sexual. It makes me smile to see someone relaxed enough to pee with me, and I enjoy it when people are relaxed about nudity in general.

As I was writing this I was trying to remember the first time I watched someone else pee or anyone saw me do it, but there was no one event that I can remember. As girls at school we used to go pee together at parties because that was what girls did, and probably still do. But I don't remember watching anyone pee then, just that we were all in the same room. I do remember going on hikes with friends and peeing in the woods whilst still talking to people, so I guess that would have been the first real time I peed in front of anyone who was actually watching, and I definitely remember seeing Cathryn pee a few times when we helped each other out with pads and things at period time.

It was never a big deal with us, and that has stayed with me. So chill out about your peeing and just go with the flow. It's fun!

Edit: I was just asked if I had ever been peed on or peed on anyone else, and the answer is yes but not back then. But that's another story!

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