Nude on the Decking

16 Jun 2017 - by Graham

I live at the bottom of a valley, with houses built all around me at different levels. My back garden slopes up from the rear of the house so the end of the garden is higher than the top of the roof, and this combination of angles means that there is nowhere outside that isn't overlooked, even right next to the house. This isn't a problem for most of the time as the neighbours are fairly non-intrusive and don't do that "peering over the fence" thing that some seem to do, but it does mean that if I want to sit outside in a state of reduced clothing for a while, there hasn't been anywhere for me to do that. Until now.

Because of the steep slope, I had to build a landing outside my shed / office so I can get into it safely, and that is just large enough for a chair and a small table. With the addition of a bit of screening on the top of the steps there is now a small area where the only bits that can be seen if I'm sitting down are all above the waist.

Finally, I can spend a few minutes nude in the garden without panicking the neighbours.

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