Spring Mornings

03 Apr 2017 - by Graham

Spring is finally here, and at last it's warm enough to leave the heating off and get up and without having to bother about getting dressed. I can get my coffee, make breakfast, and have a think about what I'm going to wear for the day whilst I watch the world hurry past the window for a while. There's the neighbour who stands in her back garden for a cigarette, just wearing a fluffy white dressing gown that's not always as tightly done up as you might expect. There's the guy who sometimes wears jeans and a T-shirt, and sometimes a dress and high heels. The other neighbours whose front window is almost floor-to-ceiling, and you regularly see them in their underwear as they like to keep the curtains open. There's the girl with the very long legs and very short skirts who rarely seems to bother with underwear and yet manages to bend over a lot as she's getting into her car. And there are any number of runners, walkers, and cyclists whose lycra is so revealing it's little more than a coat of paint.

But this is fairly routine compared to a town I lived in a few years ago. If the weather was warm, my neighbour would come home from work, strip down to her underwear, and go and stand in the garden with a cup of tea or a glass of wine to unwind. Another neighbour whose back garden I could see from my house used to have friends round every Friday, and in the summer they would frequently all end up naked sitting on her decking as they watched the stars. It was common to see people getting changed in front of open windows, and you would occasionally spot someone putting the bins out or getting something from their car in whatever they were - or weren't - wearing at the time.

These were both suburban semi-rural towns, and I can guarantee that if you asked these people if they considered themselves "nudists" or "naturists" the answer would be a definite "NO!". But what it does show is that public acceptance of casual nudity is a lot higher than we are often led to believe. If nudity just happens then no-one cares. It's only when someone asks them about it that they remember they are supposed to disapprove and get all 'offended'.

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Saturday Afternoon Surprise

17 Jan 2017 - by Emma

I'm a nude model, so I'm very used to being naked in strange places, but I did manage to get a bit of a surprise at home one day.

Me and the boyfriend were at home one Saturday afternoon. He was watching the TV, so I popped upstairs for a quick shower. I like my shower so maybe I took a bit longer than I intended, but eventually I finished, rubbed myself down with a towel, and because it was a warm day I thought I'd finish off drying naturally. So I went downstairs again without getting dressed. I stopped off in the kitchen to make us both a cup of coffee, then took them into the living room where my boyfriend was sitting...

... along with five of his mates who had turned up unexpectedly while I was upstairs!

There was a moment of stunned silence as I stood naked in front of them holding coffee, so I looked at my boyfriend and said "You could have told me you had friends round... I only made two cups." I handed him one, put the other on the table, and said "Who wants tea or coffee?"

The boyfriend burst out laughing and grinned from ear to ear, and the others all a little awkwardly told me what they wanted, so I went and made the drinks and brought them back in. I didn't see any point in getting dressed as they'd seen everything already, so I stayed like that for the rest of the afternoon until they went.

I'd only known one of them before as the others were his friends from work, and none of them had until then seen me naked 'in the flesh'. Some of them admitted to having seen photos of me before so knew what I looked like, but the thing was that other than the initial surprise, there was no awkwardness or weirdness about it. I was naked, they were clothed. But in a very few minutes the only thing that mattered was whatever we were talking about.

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