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Like to be naked? Tell people!

Whether you call it naturism, nudism, or just getting naked, a preference for spending time without clothes has tended to be something that we kept to ourselves. Fear of censure or being thought 'weird' has meant that naked people have kept their nakedness quiet, and friends or colleagues are often left completely in the dark.

When everyone thought that social nakedness was a fringe activity only participated in by the most dedicated nature worshippers (or possibly Wiccans... everyone thinks Wiccans spend half their time naked) this might have made sense. But with recent surveys suggesting that a far larger percentage of the population than ever before are routinely participating in some form of naked social activities, the need for secrecy is probably gone. It is time to start spreading the word.

But what is the best way to bring it up? Showing your holiday photos taken at Studland Beach around the office will probably get you brought up in front of HR, so how do you tell people without crossing any lines?

Firstly, leave the photos on your phone, leave your phone in your pocket, and just mention in passing that there was a cool nude / clothes-optional beach at the resort where you were staying and see if anyone asks any questions. The chances are that even if they don't straight away, they will come back to it some time later. People remember stuff like that, and they may well bring it up days later when you think they have forgotten all about it!

Secondly, avoid problematic power dynamics. A forty-five year old male manager telling the new eighteen year old female intern that he goes naked on holiday - even as an aside - is a very bad plan. Talk about it in your own peer group, and be aware of how it might be taken regardless of your intent.

Thirdly, still keep the photos to yourself even after people start asking about your naked activities, until you are ABSOLUTELY sure that they really really do want to see you with your kit off. Even then, start with the tamest, non-sexual photos you have until you can gauge the reaction. And never ever just send a bunch of naked photos to anyone by text or email unless they have very clearly requested them.

Remember that regardless of how you think of nakedness and how normal or non-threatening you find naked people, society is still catching up. We need to spread the word as much as possible to help de-sensitise people to nudity, but we need to do it in a respectful and sensitive way.

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