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Our notes on places in and around the UK where you can go to get naked, whether official or unofficial. We will be talking about beaches, inland locations, walks, secluded spots, and maybe even clubs and landed organisations if we ever go to any. If you would like us to include your favourite place then please get in touch and either ask us to go there or send in a report (with photo).


Shellness Beach, Sheppey

At first sight, this small piece of land dedicated to clothes-optional recreation may look uninspiring, but its location is what makes this a bit special. Getting to Shellness beach is an exercise in believing the directions no matter how unlikely they may seem, so start by navigating your way to Leysdown on the Isle of Sheppey, then carry straight on east after the town along the coast road. When this appears to end you turn left, follow the road around a corner, and keep going. This last bit is the unbelievable bit as the road becomes a single-track unmade moon-scape that goes on for about half a mile before opening out into a series of parking areas off to the right, and a car park at the end. Park the car, then climb up the steep bank opposite, and the nude beach is right there.

The beach itself is a mix of stones and mud, with very solid dunes along the shore, so if golden sand is your thing you will be disappointed. But if all you want is somewhere to sit naked before heading off for a gorgeous walk through a nature reserve, then it's perfect.

The path at the end of the car park leads directly into miles and miles of walks through quiet shoreline countryside, and you can spend hours there just wandering, taking it all in. You rarely meet anyone, in fact it can be so quiet that getting naked there too is no problem, although remember that this is not a designated clothes-optional area so consider covering up again if you do meet someone.

The beach itself can be a little variable in demographics, so if you're looking for a family beach you may want to go on a Sunday in the school holidays, as during the week it can be a bit male dominated. The locals do self-police it though, so you rarely get any actual problems there.

The photo above was taken on a foggy but warm summer's day, and I spent most of the day wandering around the nature reserve just as naked as I had been on the beach. 

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Studland Beach

No blog about getting naked in the UK would be complete without at least some sort of mention of Studland Beach in Dorset. This stunning stretch of golden sand lies just to the north of Swanage and is on the eastern side of the Studland and Godlington Heath Nature Reserve. Access is either along the beach from the north or south ends, or via a footpath from Ferry Road (there is a bus stop at the end of the path to help you find it).

Walking from the road takes around half an hour and the terrain varies from soft heathland, through hard gravel, to very soft sand dunes. Because of the soft sand at the end the beach is probably not wheelchair accessible via the path, so I would recommend wheelchairs / pushchairs / bikes / etc progress along the harder tide-line sand from the beach at the north where there is access next to the chain ferry.

If you use the path to get to the beach, the first thing you see of it is the land side of the dune ridge that separates the beach from the heath. Once you get past the "naturists may be seen..." sign you are okay to disrobe, and many people spend all day in the dunes there. You see them popping up from time to time like meerkats as the dunes so successfully isolate you from all surrounding sounds that it's easy to think you're the only one left on the beach!

Continue through the dunes and you appear in the centre of the clothing-optional part of the beach. The dunes stretch off to your left and right as you step through onto a wide expanse of golden sand that - depending on the tide - can appear to go for ever in front of you as well. If you are there in the summer holiday period there will be a small hut on the beach somewhere visible from the end of the path that sells ice cream, tea, coffee, sandwiches, etc. This is run by the National Trust staff, and despite all of them being fully clothed whilst on duty they have no issue with you buying things from them as naked as you like. The staff also act as de-facto security guards and often help out with keeping track of kids that wander off from their parents as well as tracking down anyone who does anything illegal or anti-social.

The atmosphere of the beach is very family oriented, and there is generally a very good mix of clothed, unclothed, singles, groups, men, women, and anything else you can think of. Everyone can be comfortable there with no pressure, and it's a great place to go for your first time nude on a beach.

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