Nude is Not Rude began as a resource site for social nudity with reports on beaches and clubs, and some commentary on people's experiences of getting naked in unusual places, but it has slowly morphed into much more. It is now the home for anything to do with nudity in art, body confidence, performance pieces, being naked in and around the home, and of course still social nudity.

The site will start small, but with your help can grow into a useful source of social, historical, and legal information around nudity to help you find everything you need.

What is here?

We have articles about people's first time experiences with public nudity (and are always interested in more).

There are photographs, including the NINR Project with pictures of people doing everyday things in the nude.

And of course we have a blog where one or other of us chats occasionally about things we thing you might find interesting or useful.


We are always looking for articles and photographs that people would like to see posted on here, so if you have anything you would like to submit for consideration please see our Submissions page for content guidelines and how to submit your material.

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