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About the site

Nude is Not Rude was originally published a number of years ago by a small group of people who wanted a website that looked specifically at the normality of nudity and how there is nothing weird about wanting to get your clothes off without it being all about sex. The site lost its way a bit after that though and started including all sorts of extras that seemed like a good idea at the time, but that meant that visitors were coming to the site to look at the naked people rather than the information

The site closed for a while as we all wondered what to do with it, and has now re-opened with a new mission and a new style. Graham is back at the helm of the project and will do his best to keep the site appealing to a wide audience whilst providing all sorts of useful information.

Graham is a photographer, writer, and (much to his own surprise) a dance teacher. Many of the photographs initially on the site will have been taken by him, but we all hope that visitors will start to submit their own material for inclusion in the site to make it a community driven project with lots of involvement.

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