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Unless you grew up in a house without clothes, the chances are that there was a 'first time' that you encountered social nudity. For some that may have been a surprising experience, some might have been a bit shocked, and for some it would have been perfectly natural. Here are some stories that we have collected together of people's first encounters with nudity and how they reacted.

We would love to hear about your first experiences of being nude in front of others or encountering nudity in ways you have since discovered to be perfectly natural. Send an email to, with a picture if you have something suitable, and tell us all about it. See our submission guidelines for more info.


We've been a bit quiet...

07 Dec 2017 - by Graham

Wow... was it really August the last time I posted on here? This year has definitely been a busy one, but I didn't think that I'd abandoned this website for that long. Sorry, folks. On the plus side, I have collected together a lot of stuff over the last couple of months that will fit on here nicely, from kilts to kinks and beaches to barbecues, so I'll start posting all that very soon.

In the meantime, if there are any stories you'd like to share on here then please email me either using our Contact NINR form or by emailing directly. Please have a look at our Submission Guidelines, especially if you are sending in any photographs.

Where did you get naked during the summer? Was it your first time? Did you introduce someone to social nudity for their first time? Have you tried anything new or found that something was a lot more fun than you expected? We're interested in everything, so drop us a line and tell us your tales.

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