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It's not often that I get a chance to get naked in the garden. The shape of the land around here means that pretty much everyone gets to look straight down onto what I'm doing so I restrict my naked outdoor time to when I know there are few people around. Not that I have any doubt that the neighbours have all seen me naked anyway as I rarely close the curtains and have forgotten to get dressed a few times when taking out the recycling, but catching a glimpse by accident is a bit different to me stripping off and sitting down in front of them so I try to limit the opportunities.

But at this time of the year the shrubbery is in full growth, and this means that for a few months there are a couple of spots on the patio that the neighbours would have to be making quite an effort to look, so morning naked patio coffee becomes an option.

Do you have a spot where you can get outside relatively not overlooked? Or are the neighbours so used to you that you just go for it anywhere?

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