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Out of Office

19 May 2017 - by Graham

Anyone who works in a reasonably sized company and has ever read their employer's HR handbook will know that it probably contains somewhere a sentence like "employees will dress appropriately at all times". But what is 'appropriate'? For me, it means fitting in with those around you and your location, and if that means going naked then that's just fine.

A few years ago I had the surreal experience of being in a naked project planning meeting. We needed to get together to work out some scheduling issues on a film project I was a part of, and we were looking for somewhere to meet. Claire was organising it, and she was bringing someone else from her side (whose name I can't remember), and when I asked where she wanted us to get together, she said "It's going to be a nice day tomorrow, so why not at that beach you told me about?"

The only beach I'd mentioned to her was Shellness on Sheppey, so double-checking that she hadn't got that wrong and that she knew it was a nude beach, I said that worked fine for me and we picked a time. When I got there, Claire and her colleague were already on the beach and nude, so we said "Hi", I stripped off and got out my notes, and we had the meeting. Looking back on it the whole experience was quite surreal, and I do wonder if any of the other beach users wondered what was going on, but actually it made perfect sense. None of us were office-bound; we were all used to working in coffee shops, parks, and occasional beaches on our own, so why not together? And the naked thing made sense because of the weather.

So there's your challenge. This year, arrange a naked business meeting and tell us how it went.

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