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A few years ago I was over at a female friend's house (Jo) on the way to some work event. We had been chatting for a while when I realised that if we were going to get where we were going anything like on time I had better think about getting changed, so I picked up my stuff and wandered into the spare room to sort myself out. I remember that I got distracted by something (can't remember what though - probably a message on my phone) so it took me a few minutes to get started, but eventually I stripped out of my daytime clothes and started to sort out what I would be wearing for the evening.

Of course it was that exact moment that Jo wandered in with a cup of coffee to carry on the conversation we'd been having earlier and sat down on the edge of the bed to talk... and obviously I was naked.

I wasn't sure how to play this, but since she seemed completely unbothered by the situation I just went with it and kind of forgot about getting dressed. So there was I - naked - talking to Jo - clothed - for maybe five minutes. The conversation ended, so she stood up and left, but whilst I was still wondering what just happened she reappeared, looked at me, and said "You actually *were* naked... right... I thought I'd imagined that!"

It tuns out that she hadn't really been paying attention and had not registered my lack of clothes the first time, but that it had sort of dawned on her as she left the room and she had to come back to check! Of course this time she stayed, and waited for me to finish getting dressed because... well at that point why not?

We saw each other naked a lot after that, but despite what people might think when reading this we were never together. We were just friends who were comfortable naked around each other. And that is how it should be.

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